Slipad Open Diapers Νο3 Large

Slipad Open Adult Diapers

• Wetness indicator
• Hygienic, cotton soft surface
• Οdour control
• Day & Night

The special cover of Slipad diaper is composed by the innovative ‘breathable’ technology which allows the skin to breathe and remain dry and healthy; Slipad diaper is approapriate for long use, day and night, keeping the skin safe from irritations.

• The special Extra-Dry core quickly absorbs moisture and locks it inside, keeping the surface dry and helping reduce odour.
• The waterproof side barriers reinforce leakage protection, for even greater security
• The anatomical shape allows secure fit and unique ease of movement.
• The special side adhesive allow readjustment for several times.
• The elastic waist bands in the front and back side provide perfect fit.
• Wetness Indicator

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