Slipad Underpads

Slipad Underpads

• Extra Absorbency
• ΠProtection from leakage
• With a soft cover

Slipad, the new bed underpads with soft and extra durable construction, protect the skin from wetness and irritation, ensuring the comfortable stay in bed even in the case of long lasting stay.

The waterproof shell and extra absorbent internal fluff layer permits the maximum liquid absorption.

The new Slipad , are available in 3 different sizes.
Consult the table bellow to select the most appropriate size for your needs.

Adjust the underpad in the middle of the bed with the fabric face on the top.

If the patient is bedridden, turn him in one side and unfold the half underpad.
After that, turn the patient in the other side and strain the
rest underpad.

*Αbsorbent core dimensions 50 x 80 cm.

Code: 0330

Box: 6

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